In/Out Patient

Patient Care

Medical Billing


Send scheduled appointment reminders, allow patients to book, reschedule and or cancel appointments that were previously made.


Easily interact with patients and allow medical staff to provide adequate billing information to insurance companies, including updated ICD-10 codes.

Health Tracker

HIPAA Compliant, Secure Direct Provider Portal that allows access for physicians and 3rd parties to view patients records whether it is for treatment, medication, billing, or even legal proceedings.

Patient Records

Organize patients by their insurance provider or even grant 3rd party users access to patient information and restrict access to all other information and patient charts.

About us

eClin Doc

Our team has worked with developers, physicians and medical professionals to ensure that eClin Doc is a physician-friendly and secure, HIPAA compliant, health and medical record software platform for small to medium size clinics.

Our Software

EHR/EMR Software

eClin Doc is a secure physician portal that that stores, manages and displays patient information in a user-friendly way, eliminating the previous concerns and issues of medical professionals currently in the industry.

Patient/Physician-Friendly Medical Software

eClin Doc – EHR/EMR

Our health and medical software continues to evolve with the healthcare system to provide physicians with the information they need quickly and efficiently.